User: Users of MIRROR, People who workout

Sample Dialogues + Table Read

When prototyping VUI’s, creating scripts is a good strategy to work out some preliminary discontinuities. I wrote five initial interactions based on the video demos I watched last week that could be executed with voice commands.

  1. Starting a workout


After reading this script with my roommate Nicole (shoutout for being my tester :) I noticed that some of the wording wasn’t very natural. Like saying “Hello MIRROR” is longer and more exhausting than saying “Hi MIRROR or simply MIRROR”. I also noticed that I hadn’t built in as many error states as I should have. This script was a start, but after the table read, I realized how many different possible scenarios I had to build for. What if Nicole wanted to work out and just wanted to browse ab workouts, or what if she wanted to take multiple pictures and save them all. With all of this in mind, I expanded my script into a VUI flow as shown below.

Workout Flow

In this flow the user wakes the mirror up from it’s inactive state by saying “Hey MIRROR”. Similar to Alexa, Siri, and Google, the MIRROR recognizes it’s name and responds to the user. The MIRROR is mainly used for work out purposes but has many other supplemental features such as heart rate tracking and photo taking, which all lend themselves to a general welcoming statement. Becuase the core function of this product is to access at home workout, the user can say one word such as “ABS” and the MIRROR can recognize that the user wants to do an ab workout. Using this keyword, the MIRROR generates ab workouts and accesses the users preferences and use history. With all of this information the MIRROR suggests a frequented workout. The user decides they want to choose something new. So the MIRROR defaults to recommending an ab workout with a lot of positive reviews. The user chooses the do this workout, but if they want to browse other choices the MIRROR asks for more specifics or relies on visual browsing.

Take a Photo

One of the unique features of the MIRROR workout mirror is the ability to take progress photos. This feature is particularly relevant because of the increased prevalence of fitness influencers and increased popularity of progress pictures. People like to take pictures of themselves, and this should be a hands free endeavor. With a simple vocal command “ Hey MIRROR, take a photo.” MIRROR then sets a timer and takes a picture. After the picture is taken the user can choose to save it to a gallery or retake the photo.

Review Stats

Another really great feature of this product is the data tracking. For this feature, I wanted to provide an additional pathway to access this information. The user can ask for a summary of their last workout and the MIRROR will provide an answer including calories burned, heart rate, and perceived exertion. If a user wants a more in depth summary, they can read further on their statistics page.

Turn Off

Lastly, it was important for people to be able to deactivate the MIRROR at anytime. With a simple, “Goodbye MIRROR” a user can deactive their mirror. After this flow, the MIRROR will return to the inactive state as an elegant home decor piece.

Analysis + Evaluation

One thing that worked well in testing the VUI was referencing the Pearl chapter and creating a script. The table read helped me understand where some of the awkwardness in the interaction came from and how I could better reframe the conversaation. With this information, it was easy to make adjustments where needed, and fit my VUI into a diagram.


Overall, this week was very challenging and I learned a lot. I struggled with how to incorporate a VUI into a product that is inherently visual, and even considered changing my project entirely. I stand by my reasoning that including gestures, VUI, and a visual interface creates multiple platforms of engagement and is valuable to the user.



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