Run Together. Compete Together. Win Together. feat. STRAVA

I’ve always been entranced by video prototypes, the flashy proof of concepts snippets that can tug on our heartstrings and make us want a product. I was excited by the challenge of this week, and I wanted to work off of an application that I use every day.

I chose to work with the application STRAVA. This application is an athlete’s best friend. It supports activity tracking, photo taking, workout statistics, as well as a myriad of social features that create a community of athletes. To learn more about STRAVA you can view their website here.

I am an avid runner and I use STRAVA to track my runs. I have trained for two half marathons with several friends and we all used STRAVA. Even though we were all training in different states, we could watch each other and encourage eachother through the social features on STRAVA. The run tracking, social engagement, and performance metrics all helped me become a better runner, and I wanted to tell this story through video this week.


The story of this video prototype was representative of my own story with STRAVA. The workout application space is very saturated, so I wanted to highlight what makes STRAVA special, the social interaction. Below is a storyboard of two friends running together, training together and competition together.

After I created my initial storyboard, I wanted to think through each of the shots I would need for my video. Below is my screen by screen outline of my video featuring the two different runners and the shot angles.


To expand upon the storyboard, I enlisted Sara G. (from a safe distance) to be my running buddy. She is also an avid runner, and I was excited to feature her in this commercial.

I shot this video using the iPhone X and scouted locations around Seattle. We shot Sara G’s sequence outside her house and in her neighborhood, and we shot my sequence outside my house and in the park. I tried my best to mirror the shots between the two runners, and had to do double the work to get twice the footage to create this story.

In ordinary times, I would shoot these two friends running side by side, but it was important to me that I showed our new reality. In this video there are two runners, who are shown running in different areas, and connected by STRAVA. Both runners are wearing masks and maintaining proper social distancing as recommended by the CDC.

At the end of my video I created a tagline for STRAVA and showed their products. The phrase Run together, Train together, Win together stuck with me because of the repetition of together. Even though we can’t be together physically right now, STRAVA can bring athletes together, and that’s what makes it so powerful.

Enjoy the video below!

Analysis + Evaluation

Overall, I think this video prototype of STRAVA was successful because it told the story I set out to tell. I think it represents the time we live in while also highlighting STRAVA.

However, there is a lot I think could be improved upon. I think it could have featured more of the product in the video. I struggled with finding a good mixture between storytelling and product integration. I think I could have included a snippet of STRAVA being used at the beginning of each of the runners runs. I have that footage, I just struggled to remain in the time limit.

I also contimplated including narration at the beginning to provide some extra context, but I felt like it would take away from the intense pre-run energy for each of the runners.

In terms of shooting my scenes, I wish I had been a little more meticulous when matching my scenes shot for shot. In the running across the screen sequences, the runs aren’t exactly the same, and I think this takes away from the desired effect. I also wish I had shot one at night and one during the day time, just to drive home the fact that these two runners were in different places but wanted to push each other.


I really enjoyed creating a video prototype this week. As I mentioned in the intro, I have always really admired the emotional proof of concept commercials for new technologies. I hope to continue working on my video editing skills, and make proof of concept videos for my own projects.

I understand how these videos can be valuable in a real world setting and I appreciate the opportunity to get to create one for this class!



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