The Jack-o-Light: a safe trick or treating experience


User: young children trick or treating


To prototype this piece, I used an old t-shirt because I had it on hand. Ideally, I would have used canvas because it is much sturdier and more weather resistant.


Evaluation and Analysis

In evaluating this prototype, I chose to assess usability. I tested my solution by dropping candy in the bag and seeing if the circuit be resilient enough to handle the force of candy. The circuit did not pass this test and was severely damaged within the first five pieces of candy dropped in the bag Additionally, the material also stretched out a lot after being worn and holding candy.


I really enjoyed learning to sew this week. I felt like I actually learned a new tangible skill! If I had to do this process over, I would have tried to use a different fabric. I used an old t-shirt and it got the job done but I would have loved working with a sturdier fabric like canvas.



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