the sarabee: a robotic informant to save the bees


Some original ideas include a smarthive, a bee chip and a robotic bee.


User: Bee researchers, Bee scientists, and climate change enthusiasts




The Whole Picture


Materials: Foam core, yellow play dough, paper clips, tissue paper, yellow paint, puff balls, black paint, brown paint

Testing + Analysis

Testing this prototype was challenging due to the nature of the project and COVID-19 restrictions. In an ideal world, I would take my prototype to bee scientists and tape it to a drone and let it interact with their bees. While it is important that the scientists can work the drone, the true test of feasibility is if the bees accept the drone.


One strong point of this prototype is the body shape and flexibility. These are two essential portions of creating a robot that would seamlessly blend with the other bees in the hive. In addition to the prototype flexibility, the intention of this prototype could very well be the best part about this work. Using technology for conservation instead of replacement for existing ecosystems is a very relevant topic worth exploring further.



[1]“To Fight Bee Decline, Obama Proposes More Land to Feed Bees,” Hamodia, 20-May-2015. [Online].Available: feed-bees/. [Accessed: 28-Apr-2019].



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