the sarabee part II: prototyping the data port

Expanding on the sarabee

In last week's physical prototyping project, I created an autonomous robotic informant to help scientists conserve a declining bee population. I focused heavily on the form of the robotic bee, but this week I wanted to expand on the data port that the robotic bee would land on and use to translate data.


To expand on this simple foam data port prototype I sketched the components of this this data port.

Prototyping process

Evaluation and Analysis

Ideally, the next step in the process would be to work with the Mill and 3D print the data port. Through printing, I could understand how the digital prototyping translated to a 3D product and correct any mistakes I made in digital prototyping. However, because I do not feel comfortable going to the Mill because of the COVID-19 restrictions, this is not a possibility.


Learning Computer Aided Design was really challenging for me because it was my first time working with this method of digital prototyping. I was immediately intimidated by it. I worked hard and watched a lot of tutorials to try and bring a digital prototype of my bee to fruition, however I ended up getting really frustrated and deciding to tackle a more straight forward project for a beginner CAD project. I often have really big ideas and get frustrated when I can’t make the digital versions look like what I want them to in my head.



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